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Our Artists


Greg Fry

Greg Fry is an Owner/Operator, Master Stylist, and Educator with Paul Mitchell Systems. With over 20 years experience Greg excels in short to medium length hair cutting and coloring. Greg turns every service into an experience that Surpasses the Usual or Ordinary for every client that sits in his chair.


Lauren Ivey

Lauren Ivey has 11 years of experience behind the chair, spending almost 10 of those years here with us at Epic Total Salon. Lauren is a Hair Extension and Wig Working Specialists as she is certified in both. Away from her chair Lauren finds time to work in the Television and Film industry and continues to love all things hair.


Amber Castillo

Amber Castillo has over 20 years experience and specializes in Hair Color. Whether it's newer techniques like Balayage or Foilyage, Amber stays on the very cutting edge of the latest Hair Color Trends. Amber's expertise in haircutting, styling, blonding, grey coverage, vivids, and color corrections make her one the most sought out stylists on the team.


David Smart

David Smart is a Master Colorist with over 30 years experience behind the chair. Trained classically in French Haircutting Techniques, David offers his expertise in both Men's and Women's Hair. David excels in highlighting hair with base colors that compliment his work for spectacular results.


Anna White

Anna White has 11 years of experience behind the chair where she specializes in grey blending, balayage, and creating natural looking hair color. Families from all over come to sit in Anna's chair as she is known well for her Men's, Women's, and Children's haircutting expertise. Anna holds fluid communication as a key aspect in creating a successful hair care experience. 

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Drew Nance

Andrew Nance is a nationally published Haircutter and Photographer that has quickly made waves in the Hair Industry. Influencers and some of top haircutters from around the country have expressed their admiration for Drew's work. When it comes to haircutting Drew is renowned for his Women's haircuts with his signature wavy and textured styles, as well as his Men's Grooming that consists of fades and tapers as well as longer grown out styles.


Leslie Hester

Leslie Hester is a Bellami Master Extension Artist that specializes in corrective color and vivids. Classically trained and educated from Paul Mitchell, Leslie’s passion is in creating unique looks for her contemporary clientele and loves to help people feel more confident with every appointment. 


Kanesha Shields

Kanesha Shields is a Master Braider that specializes in Thermal and Texture Services and Styles.

Kanesha trained at Paul Mitchell and brings with her a wealth of knowledge to accommodate all hair types, textures, and challenges. Kanesha’s passion is helping her clients achieve Healthy Hair and Growth as well as the proper maintenance to ensure their success.


Alora Stinson

Alora Stinson is a passionate Hairstylist that specializes in Wedding and Event Hairstyling. Originally from Texas, Alora brings with her 6 years of experience behind the chair where she has thrived in the latest coloring, haircutting, and balayage techniques for her loyal clientele. Alora devotes her time to continual education in the hair industry and loves working with individuals that want to learn more about their hair and how to properly maintain its integrity. Now with roots in Memphis, Alora is excited to share her wealth of knowledge and passion for beautiful and healthy hair with everyone that sits in her chair. 


Abby Tilghman

Abby Tilghman is a passionate hairstylist that loves working with vivid and abstract colors and styles. Classically trained in Sassoon haircutting and styling, Abby is dedicated to continual  education latest trends, techniques, and styles. Abby loves working with individuals that want to learn how to achieve and replicate their hairstyle at home while maintaining healthy hair. 


Steven Munson

Born and raised in California, Steven went to school and trained on the beaches of Orange County before opening his first salon in LA. As a master stylist with over 15 years behind the chair and in the entertainment industry, he is a lifelong educator and currently the Haircutting Specialist for Paul Mitchell the School Memphis. His passion lays in precision hair cutting, as well as being an expert in Blonde hair, vivid colors and corrective coloring.  

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